July 10, 2013

here's to a productive summer!

to do lists

10. Catch up on organization.
9. Learn how to make homemade popsicles.
8. Learn how to make a wider variety of summer salads.
7. Learn how to crochet.
6. Learn how to sew a new pattern (a dress if I have a girl, shorts if I have a boy)!
5. Make some wooden signs for the house (I saw some great DIY ideas on Pinterest).
4. Make time for the beach and put my toes in the sand.
3. Make my belly cast (by this time, you have probably guessed it...I am pregnant)! Thank you to my amazing friend April for helping me with this...she is currently painting it! I am looking forward to the end result.
2. Help my red doberman have her puppies! 6 puppies were successfully delivered on July 14th!
1. Give birth to a healthy baby on August 16, 2013. Gave birth to a healthy baby boy on August 8th! We named him Logan and I am in love.

10. Learn how to make French macarons (using this as a guide).
9.  Do yoga three times per week.
8. Stop biting my nails (I just got summer-appropriate white nail polish)!  Some days are harder than others...but my nails are growing and I even have summer-appropriate and summer-fun white nail polish on!
7. Go RAW (well...sauces and condiments to begin with).
6. Create, and maintain, an herb garden.
5. Learn sign language (at least start the learning process).
4. Review theories/concepts to prepare for my third and final year of graduate school!
3. Make a crochet toy for my sister's baby...who arrives in August!
2. Get organized and maintain it (good one Syd)!
1. Try one new recipe a week from one of my cookbooks (I have an Indian cookbook and am excited to make the mango lassi)! I have been making even more than one recipe per week (hooray!) from the Trader Joe's cook book! This one even had a mango lassi!

** For both of us, we would also like to create more DIY, outfit and recipe posts for the blog!!

We will be striking through each item on the to-do list as we complete them...this will motivate us and make us more accountable. What are your ways of staying motivated?


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