July 15, 2013

the beach

With summer in full swing, we have been spending a lot of time at the beach. 
Below are some essentials for some fun under the sun...
the beach essentials
To Shield (Sunscreen and Lip Balm)
To Enjoy (Ipod Shuffle, Book, Magazine)
To Quench (Water)
To Paint (Nailpolish)
To Dry (Personalized Towel)
To Restore (Aloe Vera and Lotion)

...as well as a day to night outfit option. We always like to walk into town and have a meal after spending the day at the beach (get a glass of wine and watch the sun set) but don't want to show up to the restaurant all sandy. This easy outfit change allows you to freshen up without have to bring a suitcase full of clothes. These jean shorts are beachy, casual and comfortable but can easily become glamorous with the right shoes and accessories.
jean shorts: day to night
Hope you all are having a wonderful summer thus far! 
What are your summer essentials?

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