August 12, 2014

the final month of summer

Ah...summertime. Summers make us think of sunny days, cool pools, bubbly mimosas and vibrant flamingos. Here is a round up of our favorite flamingo-inspired items:
the final month of summer

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 (another here) // 11
August goal? Make time to celebrate summer.


August 6, 2014

quotes & cocktails

A good reminder this Wednesday.

The cocktails we want to highlight today are found here. They all have basil in them...we love the incorporation of fresh herbs, and other unique items, in cocktails. What is your favorite herb to add to a cocktail?


August 1, 2014

travel essentials - wardrobe edition

Whether it is a long trip to someplace exotic or a staycation in your own home over the weekend, let's make the most of the final month of summer (*sigh* how did the summer go by so fast?!).

Here are some of our wardrobe essentials for traveling. Find our other travel essentials here). 
travel essentials - wardrobe edition

travel essentials - wardrobe edition
Shopping Guide

croquet set  
(photo from pinterest; available to purchase at One Kings Lane)
rowing paddle #1
rowing paddle #2
(recently discovered this brand and love the vibe & design)
daytime shoes, daytime bag, daytime lipstick
nighttime shoes, nighttime clutch, nighttime lipstick 
(the clutch is gorgeous but way out of our price range; lovin' plum lipstick lately)
yoga pants
(we could live in yoga pants...seriously, we LOVE yoga pants and Old Navy has such great prices!)
(we enjoy most of James' books -first name basis- but we suggest only reading them during the day in a public venue...we warned you...they can be seriously creepy/scary)
coffee press 
(we enjoy waking up early and drinking coffee while reading a book even when on holiday...just some time to yourself on a balcony or reading nook or in bed under a down comforter...all sound like bliss)


July 23, 2014

Quotes & Cocktails

Don't you just love how quotes and cocktails can make the middle of the week more pleasant? While I still want it to be Friday, these help me get through Wednesday.





As it is our dad's birthday week, the cocktail for this installment of "quotes and cocktails" is his personal favorite: the simple, yet refreshing Beermosa. We enjoy having these out on the farm on a sunny day!