October 21, 2014

ready for fall: hats!

hats for fall
We wanted a quote on this collage simply because we love quotes and feel they add to anything and everything. So, we stumbled upon this one by artist Felicia McMillan and thought it was perfect. Hats are great to make a statement and to enhance any outfit and, well, to cover up a bad hair day and/or when you don't feel like doing much to your hair. The last one applies to us more days than not. We both have long hair and sometimes (a lot of the time for Megan) we do not want to blow dry or style it. As such, a hat is a great go-to...especially in the fall. We wanted to showcase great hats at a variety of price points so that everyone can see great fashion does not need to expensive...it is more about creativity and expression and, well, waiting for sales. We tend to stick to the ones in the price range of the top row but how cute are the ones in the other two rows?

Top row: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Middle row: 1 // 2 // 3
Bottom row: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4


EXPLORE: A great place to shop for hats in the Monterey/Carmel area is the Carmel Hat Company. Not only is it located in the most beautiful and quaint place but it has the best hat selection we have ever seen and great customer service! In Old Town Pasadena, for our LA readers, we recommend the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. This little shop takes us back in time and has a great selection of hats!

October 13, 2014

ready for fall: link love!

fall links
Some great fall-related links:

** Love Jimmy Fallon: here he discusses the pros and cons of the return of the pumpkin spice latte (aka the PSL) to Starbucks...in August. 

** Pumpkin + Macaroni & Cheese is a MUST try in our book. Check and check! Recipe here   

** Halloween treats for friends, family, co-workers, kid's classmates are always well received. Wrap these in a clear plastic goodie bag sealed with twine.

** Add some gorgeous chairs to your home to prepare for all the holiday parties. Find this beauty here

** The fall hairstyle trends you may want to try out this season can be found here.  

** Planning a fall wedding? Some great ideas can be found here


October 7, 2014

our five fall essentials

fall outfit with five essentials
Hi! We hope the fall season is off to a great start. What have you been doing to celebrate? Perhaps making apple pie, going to pumpkin patches, enjoying seasonal beers and ciders. This is indeed our favorite season of the year. In addition to the seasonal activities above, here are five reasons why we love fall: 

1.) The air is cool and crisp (we are still waiting for this to happen in LA...it has been so hot!) 
2.) Pumpkin arrives at every store (Trader Joes has so many items to try from mini pumpkin scones to ginger pumpkin ice cream sandwiches). 
3.) Our favorite holiday occurs in fall - Halloween!
4.) It is Sydney's birthday this season (as well as our brother, sister and mom)!
....and last but not least....
5.) We love the fashion. Here are our five must-haves for fall:

the five fall essentials
Shopping Guide
T-Shirts: grey //white
Booties: black // brown
Nail Polish: plum // brown // grey // gold
Floppy Hats: burgundy // black

Before you leave to go on a shopping spree, check out the website Raise.com. On this site, you can buy gift cards for your favorite retail stores at a discounted price. The discount varies by store...with some being an 8% discount and others, as much as 32%. We are our father's daughters and as such, love a good discount! Amongst other gift cards, Raise.com features Target (where you can find the t-shirts from our list of fall essentials as well as the black booties), H&M (the black pants above have such a great zipper detail on the bottom), Nordstrom (the floppy hats come in a variety of colors and styles; they are such a great staple, albeit essential, for fall) and even the beauty.com website (on this site, you can the purchase Tokyo Milk perfumes and nail polishes in fall hues). They even have discounted gift cards for coffeehouses, restaurants, grocery stores and theatres! 

Raise.com also gives you an opportunity to sell your own unused gift cards. We love getting gift cards for the holidays and birthdays (** just a little hint from Sydney for her friends and our family...hi dad!) but sometimes, they are for restaurants/retailers that we are not interested in. This website is a safe place to change your unused/unwanted cards into cash (and other gift cards) that will be put into better use. 

Happy Fall! Happy Shopping!


October 6, 2014


While summer is a big wedding season, my personal favorite season for weddings is fall. I love the colors, the rustic decor, the flowers and the favors. I am going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding at the end of October and and have enjoyed chatting with the bride about her fall inspired wedding plans including berries in the boutaniers, homemade jam in mason jars for favors (made from fruits from their backyard) and dancing under the stars. I think it is fun for every component of this celebration to be in theme: the bridal shower (alice in wonderland tea party), the girl's weekend (Los Angeles tourist theme...we did a post about that here) and the ceremony (in theme with the season). ~m

I had my wedding in June of 2011 as my favorite season for weddings is the summer. My wedding was held on a beach in Monterey, CA and was a Scottish-themed wedding. My husband and I wanted to celebrate our culture: the groom/groomsmen wore kilts, the bridesmaids wore black dresses with a sash of their own clan's tartan, we dined on homemade Scottish food and had a bagpiper. My mother and father walked me down the aisle. We wanted the wedding to be small so that we could have time to meet with all of our guests. It was a wonderful time shared with our families and close friends. How can you not enjoy celebrating the love you have found in this crazy world? Especially when the beach winds kick up during the ceremony showing what's really are under the kilts! ;) ~s
The Loverly website is a great resource for brides and can help minimize the stress associated with planning such an important and special event. You can create an online board of all the ideas you like and refer to the board as you progress along in planning. The best part is that the website provides you the links to the original resources, the company names and their links so you can explore their websites further and, lastly, you can shop via the Loverly website for a variety of wedding necessities including the "save the date" cards. This website truly makes it easier to make your board a reality. In addition, the website features pictures from real weddings as another source of inspiration. While every component of a wedding is important, our favorite details are the wedding dress and wedding favors (on Loverly's website, you can peruse dresses here and creative gift ideas, here, while enjoying your morning cup of coffee or your evening glass of wine...the website is so user friendly!). Sydney' favorite dress style is sweetheart and Megan's, cap sleeve and one shoulder.

Here is some inspiration for a fall wedding:
wedding inspiration
Here is some inspiration for a summer (Scottish) wedding:
beach wedding

Happy planning! Happy wedding!  

photo credit: we found all photos above via the Loverly website. The Loverly website is a compilation of inspiration from multiple websites including vendors, personal and wedding blogs. Loverly gives credit by providing the link and name of the original blog/website.