July 10, 2014

travel essentials

I spent my commute to work today catching up on my Westways magazines from the past couple of months (for those of you who may not know, Westways magazine is the AAA magazine that you receive on a monthly basis if you have AAA membership). I was able to get through quite a few as my commute to work is two hours (and three transfers: bus to train to subway to bus). Yep, you read right. Two hours and three transfers. Oh, and two and a half hours to get home...but I digress...

I love this magazine. Seriously, love. Not only does it have car tips (like when to have an oil change) and showcase AAA discounts (movie tickets...yay!), it talks all about travel (including my favorite monthly feature: the day trip) and food (restaurants, best ice cream joints in LA and so much more). As summer is the time for travel, I was inspired to put together some travel essentials.
travel essentials
Large travel bag up top is from here. 

Toiletries Bag: men have beauty essentials too!
Felt Passport Holder: such a cool, masculine look and can also hold credit cards/ID card.
Sunglasses: love aviators on the bf so, of course, they made the essentials list. Also, important to note, eyes (like skin) can be sunburned as well so it is important to protect with sunglasses.
Antibacterial Gel: I carry this with me on my commute in LA and everywhere.
Sunscreen: protecting your skin is super important. Period.
Chapstick: you can never have too many; this one has SPF.
Cologne: to freshen up after a long flight or train trip.

Jewelry Holder: how clever is this! And it can be personalized...I like the idea of an ampersand or some other punctuation mark.
Passport Holder: how cute is the little plane in the corner?
Small Bag: I always seem to have a messy purse/carry-on when I travel. This bag is perfect for all of the loose items. We discovered Will leather products when my sister moved to Oregon - amazing quality and cares about "social responsibility". What's not to love?
Sunscreen: again, super important. Whilst I have not always been good at wearing sunscreen (even when I played waterpolo), I understand the importance and really make an effort to protect my skin now.
Chapstick: L-O-V-E Burt's Bees...well, anything and everything honey.
Sunglasses: cannot get enough of the tortoise look (see some of our tortoise favorites here). 
Antibacterial Gel: the pear scents are one of my favorites.
Roll-On Perfume: easy, mess-free way to freshen up after the long trip. 

Bon Voyage! Safe Travels! Buen Viaje!

Photo Cred: Vogue and Outfit Cred: sweatshirt, sweatpants, t-shirt, loafers


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