April 24, 2014

tea party essentials

And in keeping in theme with Brit Week...
essentials for tea
tea time essentials
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I have a friend in the MSW program that was born and reared in Great Britain. I got to hear some of his stories from his childhood and learned a little bit more about Britain (like, the flag is called "union jack"). Here are some more fun facts I learned from him regarding a proper tea...a few tips from a Brit, if you will. 

- High tea should be served at 4pm.
- Cream tea is a hot tea (a black tea - breakfast blend or earl grey) with milk. 
- Tea is served with a confectionary (a biscuit or scone served with a dollop of jam and clotted cream).
- Cucumber and butter sandwiches, with no crusts, are served with this delicious tea. 

namaste, megan

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