April 29, 2014

spring beauty routine

spring morning routine

Megan's springtime essentials:

1. As a person who has dealt with acne (I have been on Accutane twice), I regularly get facials. This facial wash was recommended to me by my esthetician, Karen at Firefly Wellness.
2. I love how this toner smells and makes me feel refreshed and ready to take on the day! I spritz this on after work if I am meeting up with the girls for wine or my beau for a date night for an easy way to refresh for an evening out. 
3. I just started using this serum and so far, so good. Sometimes I am not as good as I need to be about applying daily but the point of this product is to reduce skin spots and wrinkles. There is a nighttime version as well. 
4. I have not always been good at wearing sunscreen but have improved with age. This one protects without being oily or thick on the skin. Another recommendation by my AMAZING esthetician, Karen.
5. This moisturizer goes on thick but is quickly absorbed by the skin. This makes makeup application so much smoother as my skin gets a little dry, in the wintertime especially. 
6. I love how this powder does not cake on this skin and look very natural. For spring and summer, I think a natural and fresh look is best. 
7. I do not have very full lashes so I love this mascara from Avon. Gives me a full lash at a unbeatable price!
8. This blush product comes with an instruction booklet which I found very helpful. I love the effect the trio of colors has on defining the cheekbones and provide just the right amount of color and glow. The lightest color (referred to by Benefit as "pink champagne") is on the top when applied.
9. Vaseline is a necessity. I use it on my lips before applying lipstick. I also use it on dry/flaky skin as well as after a session of eyebrow tweezing to cool the skin. I love that Vaseline now has jars that are bling bling
10. I love the Albeit lipsticks, made exclusively for Anthropologie. The colors are bold and great for springtime. Currently I am wearing persimmon during the day and claret or vermillion in the evening. All of the colors are gorgeous!
...and my spritz of perfume is Flowerbomb from Victor & Rolf. I recently discovered this brand/scent at a Nordstrom event at the Americana (I subscribe to the Americana emails...they have a lot of great, free events open to the public). It is such a light, lovely, feminine scent and lasts throughout the day (as opposed to disappearing after five minutes of wear like many perfumes I have tried). This one is absolutely perfect for spring!

spring morning routine

Sydney's springtime essentials:
(My routine has fewer steps but makes me feel put together in the morning and ready for the day).

1. While it has not been proven anti-aging creams are necessary and/or work (it is more effective to eat well, drink lots of water and wear sunscreen), I love this product. A bonus? It has sunscreen in it and so, has become a party of my daily routine. 
2. This foundation is great for every day. It provides coverage without looking thick and caked-on. 
3. I have a red skin tone and this powder from Clinique helps me combat that redness (green powders can help this too but I found yellow works best for me). 
4. A blush and bronzer in one...as a mom, I like a quick routine. This two-in-one gives me a fresh, springtime glow in one quick sweep.
5. After having my little Logan, I have a large need for this product. I apply daily - sometimes multiple times per day.
...and my spritz of perfume is Escada Sexy Graffiti. I have tried other perfumes but keep going back to this one for it's bold, long-lasting feminine scent. 

springtime routine

Logan's springtime essentials:

1. Lavender + calming qualities in a shampoo= dream come true for baby and mommy.
2. Again with the lavender...love it. This is the lotion!
3. Love the natural ingredients in this toothpaste.
4. These tablets are super helpful to ease baby's pain.
5. Logan wears this amber teething necklace all the time (#baldbutworksit might sound familiar for our instagram followers). It is a European method to help babies during teething.
...no spritz of perfume (or cologne...that is for later in life).

What are your go-to springtime beauty products and routines? 
Let us know in the comment section below!

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