March 2, 2014

The Oscars: Ellen Degeneres hosting the show and you, the party!

the oscars!
During the Red Carpet:
Mini Pizzas
(Offer your guests a red sauce and white sauce, for the base, as well as a variety of delicious gourmet toppings for them to individualize their freshly baked mini pizza - fresh herbs, goat cheese, ricotta, broccolini. We suggest the pre-made dough from Trader Joes. Some unique, gourmet topping and pizza ideas can be found here). 
Beer & Wine
(While we LOVE a signature cocktail, craft beers flights and wine flights would go well with the gourmet pizzas. In addition, the party guests could choose their favorites. "And the winner is...") 

enjoy the award show tonight!
During the Award Show:
Dessert Bites 
(Cheesecake bites, lemon bars, brownie bites and rice crispy squares. In addition, fresh fruit like strawberries and pineapples cut into bite sized pieces. Our favorite lemon bar recipe is here and brownie recipe here. And some unique rice crispy treat recipes here). 
Champagne Cocktail Bar
(Recipes for nine different champagne drinks have been compiled here. Or go simpler and have a variety of garnishes to add to a basic almond champagne - sugar cube, pomegranate seeds and peach puree).

Notes for the Host:
- It's always good to have sparkling and flat water available for your guests. 
- It's nice to have coffee and tea available for your guests, to accompany the array of bite sized desserts.
- Sprinkle gold star confetti on the dessert table and hang pom pom garland to add some glitz to the decor.

Enjoy the show!
namaste, m&s

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