February 27, 2014

thursday's thoughts

Some weeks can be hard to deal with...days we feel sad, helpless, disappointed and overwhelmed. Our first installment of "Thursday's Thoughts" are some things that make us feel better, and put a smile on our face, during these times. We wanted to share them with you. 

for the blog

1. "...[you have] a face that gives the moon something worth shining on." - Morgan Freeman in The Magic of Belle Isle.

2. The short film, La Luna, is darling! Watch it here.

3. Blogging here at Sister Style. We love it. Thank you for supporting our little corner of the internet.

4. Tips to set goals (and not feel overwhelmed)! Video here.  

5. Advice from a single guy (who interviewed couples for a year)..."don't be afraid to be the one who loves the most." Find the article here

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