March 31, 2014

Product Review - hairdryer

I tend not to blow dry my hair as often as I want to because of the time it takes to complete the process. I have long hair and because of the lackluster hairdryers I have owned up to this point, my air-dried hair usually ends up in a high bun, braid or ponytail as a result (okay, okay...I cannot blame it entirely on the hairdryers. I have also been lazy). Anyway, that is not to say I don't like those hairstyles...I love them but, it would be nice to wear my hair down a little more often. My criteria for the new hairdryer? A quick dry and smooth hair/no frizz finish. As such, enter the Portofino 6600, recommended to me by my friend Meghan

hairdryer review
dryer // clips // brush // towel // pomade

This hairdryer comes with three nozzles (referred to officially as concentrators) and one diffuser. None of the hairdryers I have had up to this point had concentrators and so, I did some research. The concentrators help to direct the airflow. The wider concentrators cover more surface area making it good for long hair while the shorter concentrators provide stronger direct air flow to the given space making it good for less hair (not just short hair but, bangs and/or smaller sections of hair). The diffuser is great for enhancing already curly, wavy hair (great tutorial hereand for creating a wavy, beach-y look for those of us, like me and Sydney, who have straight hair. Other features of this blowdryer: it is 2000 watts, 3 heat settings and 3 speed settings, a button to cause a burst of cold air (cold air closes the hair follicle reducing frizz) and a hanging loop for convenient storage and accessibility. I am pleased to say that this dryer satisfied all of my criteria and exceeded my expectations. 
To start, I separate my hair into sections with the help of a large claw clip. I start with the bottom layer and keep the edge of the dryer/nozzle about half-an-inch to one inch away from my hair and brush. On the top and final layer, when that section is almost completely dry, I apply a small amount (the size of a small dime) of Enjoy Creamy Pomade to the hair. This Pomade has the most amazing scent and is very effective in preventing flyaway hair and frizz. I then finish drying the rest of the top layer (which seals in the pretty, feminine Pomade scent to the hair) and voila - dry, smooth & shiny hair! 

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