March 24, 2014

happy spring - home edition

happy spring - home edition
1 // bowl & serving spoons // acrylic servingware always looks so clean and fresh; the bold colors of spring foods will be viewable to the guests at the table. 
2 //  glasses for wine & margaritas // freshen up your glassware for your upcoming spring al fresco dinner parties. 
3 // vases (all three from here) // to display all the lovely spring flowers around your home - ranunculus, tulips (Sydney's personal favorite) and daises amongst others. 
4 // pillows (both from here) // easy way to freshen up your living space? pillows and pillow covers!
5 // serving tray // a fun tray to serve up delicious, colorful spring foods. 
6 // cleaning brush & household cleaners // spring cleaning!! (mrs. meyers has scents like basil, honeysuckle and radish).
7 // candle & candlesticks & matchbox // our mom always lights a candle after cleaning and, really, all the we love candles. The candlesticks would be great to adorn an table at Easter brunch. The matchstick box is adorable...and we love the length as it makes it easy to light multiple candles/scents throughout the apartment and home. 
8 // plates // love waking up to birds chirping during the spring season; these are an easy (and spring-friendly) way to brighten up any table. 
9 // planter // spring is a great time to plant a variety of cacti, flowers and herbs.

There are so many recipes we want to try out this season - both food and cocktails (of course) that incorporate the seasonal vegetables and fruit. What are some of your favorite recipes? and ways to "spring-ify" your home?



  1. that cleaning brush is too adorable! :)

    1. isn't it, though? so cute! thanks for stopping by the blog.