November 4, 2013

chai latte

We imagine our readers sipping on a delicious, warm chai latte while reading this post because that is what we like to do on Monday morning and, well, every morning if we can.
chai latte series on the blog

chai latte series on the blog

#1.) Five tips to finding the right balance between life and work is here.   
#2.) Creative DIY lights here.   
#3.) A month of doing random acts of kindness without any agenda (or need to be acknowledged). One moving and inspiring story here.  
#4.) A creative, urban workout: hidden stairwells! SF guide here. LA guide here. (Our mom bought the LA book a couple years ago and we love it! Clear directions and map, breakdown of difficulty and # of stairs, describes the history and points out a coffee shop or two to take a break...very cool book.) 

We hope you enjoyed this post. It is the first of our new series: Chai Latte. 

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