August 21, 2013

"Green Chic" continued...

"When you've finished washing and dressing each morning, 
you must tend your planet." 
(said by the little prince in Antoine de Saint-Exupery's  "The Little Prince")
(although this is one of our mom's favorite books, we discovered this quote in Green Chic)
The author suggests a variety of ways that we can help the planet and reduce our own carbon footprint. 
Here are just some of the ways...

** FOOD ** organic, shop at farmer's markets, grown your own food, go to a certified sustainable/green restaurant (check out for a list in your area). Bon Apetit!

** DRINK **
...enjoy organic wines (made from organic grapes at Eco-friendly wineries). The author suggests a couple including Brick House Vineyard in OR and Quivira Vineyard in CA). You can also enjoy beer (the husband -Syd's- and the bf -Megan's- certainly enjoy a nice, cold beer)! The author suggests Peak Organic. Cheers!

** CLEANSE ** products (makeup and skin care) are also included in this book. Find companies that will recylcle their containers...LUSH will give you a free facial mask if you bring in five empty containers to recycle. The author notes that MAC has a similar incentive and will give you a free lipstick when you return six containers. The author also suggests Juice Beauty and Jason Natural for products (they even have toothpaste and mouthwash!). 


  1. Love the green chic movement! all about it. Some good tips and I also love Peak organic beers and Bonterra is my favorite brand of organic wines. The organic/no sulfate wines also help prevent wine hangovers! Double wine! hahah. Oh and I'm following back! yay! keep in touch, ladies.


    1. Thanks for the wine suggestion...will definitely give it a try! Especially love that it is organic.