August 19, 2013

aspiring to be "Green Chic"

This past weekend I started reading Green Chic by Christie Matheson and, although just two chapters in, I am already inspired to start living with mother earth, and her well being, in the forefront of my mind.

picture from Etsy's LesToiles

While I consider myself Eco-friendly to a degree (I recycle, always have reusable bags in tow, take the bus to work- a rarity in LA as it is a car city), I know that I can improve in all avenues of my life: daily habits, food choices, makeup and beauty, and fashion. This book provides all the ways on "how to" in a user-friendly manner, including listing the companies that have the environment's well-being as a priority and/or part of their mission statement (including neat is that!!).

To begin, some fashion that is Eco-friendly...
Eco-Friendly fashion

Eco-Friendly fashion
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 ~ megan 

P.S. I love the terminology "green chic"...props to the author, Christie Matheson!

P.S.S. Say hello to this cutie! Here is Sydney and her new baby boy, Logan!!  (this picture is right after she had the baby...with no epidural! She looks gorgeous and little Logan looks darling....seriously, is he not the cutest? Can't handle.)

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  1. Beautiful picture of you and the baby.