May 13, 2013

inspired by the sea...

We love the springtime (cherry blossoms, warm nights, cool breezes, fresh & lovely smells from the blooming flowers)...who doesn't? But we are really loving the summer-inspired (namely the sea) decor, fashion and bath/body products out there right now. What are you favorite summer and/or sea inspired items?

p.s. The Lush products on this post are AMAZING. I use both many days per week. I was very hesitant to try the BIG shampoo (salt is the primary component) as it doesn't lather or work like typical shampoos. You scrub your scalp with this product -just your scalp region- and then use a conditioner for the rest of your hair (the ponytail). The salespeople at LUSH encouraged me to try it and I am convinced! I love it. It totally works and has given my hair such volume. 

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  1. Thanks for always sharing great ideas.
    If you get a sec, check out me latest post 'Mon Chérie'. My latest craze is french sayings on sweaters.

    Have a wonderful weekend.