February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - for her, for him, for them

Valentine's Day gifts for her
** I love the loafers with the lips on them! They can be purchased via HSN (yep...HSN!) and are designed by Iris Apfel.
** The delicious "dozen roses" cupcakes are from my favorite cupcake shop...Crumbs! They have a perfect cake to frosting ration.
** The intimate set and perfume is from Anthropologie (*sigh* I love this store).
** The jewelry is from Pradman Jewelers. Very affordable, lovely pieces. 
** Who doesn't love Stella Rosa? Delicious! You can purchase it at grocery stores or via the winery in downtown LA.
Valentine's Day gifts for her
** I love tulips! In their flower form (in all colors, but red is perfect for the holiday) and as earrings! 
** I wear bangles all the time...the bangles on my gift list are some of my current favorite. The glasses bangle is darling!
** Almond Champagne is delicious! A must for a romantic evening this Valentine's Day.
** Escada's "Sexy Graffiti" is one of my favorite perfumes. A sweet, subtle, intoxicating scent. I will definitely be wearing this on Thursday!

 Valentine's Day gifts for him
** Some fun items for the man in your life - the shower curtain (who doesn't love a great mustache), the cute sign about T-Rex, and the steer head made from cardboard by the folks at Cardboard Safari (they have more animal heads to adorn the living room).
** The glasses, belt and money clip are from Express. Their line for men is sleek and stylish.
** We love the Liberty London brand. They have such great items for men - classy and well made. How perfect is the shaving kit?

Valentine's Day gifts for them
For the couple, some cute, fun, tasty and romantic items.
** The spoons, from Liberty London, are to stir tea and spoon sugar. Perfect for staying in, watching a movie and cuddles.
** Love the candy - cute and tasty! The three on the left are sold as an "Anti-Valentines" set but it was so clever, we could not resist ("stop kissing frogs", "men are pigs", "plenty of fish in the sea"). This could be for a couple because they no longer have to worry about the frogs, the pigs, the fish...they have found each other.

  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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