February 13, 2013

Ready for Valentine's Day

There are so many cute Valentine's Day cards out there but if you are able to and/or wanted to make a card, here is my favorite type of card and the "how to". About two years ago, my sister and I took a tear paper art class at a Studio in San Diego. We have been making tear paper art cards ever since! As the name suggests, no scissors are used in making these cards...you tear the construction paper to make the shapes and designs. You enhance the card by using markers and puffy paints to add embellishments. 

** Supplies needed: construction paper, markers, puffy paints, glue stick 
** Directions: simply use a picture or image for reference (for animals, we love using Ed Emberley's drawing books because he explains the drawing in sections and for tear paper art, it is easier to do it in sections/layers). 
art supplies + delicious tea + comfy fur throw = relaxing, creative night!
 outside of card (sign language "I love you")
 inside of card

While making these cards, I was able to enjoy some hot tea (it has been so cold in Monterey!) and one of my new favorite quick meals (I eat this yummy and healthy dish for breakfast and at night for a healthy dessert). 

** Ingredients: strawberries, pecans, greek yogurt (any plain yogurt works for this dish) and agave syrup
** Directions: slice, pour, stir, enjoy!


  1. Love the handmade card- so thoughtful- and that strawberry dish looks yummy!

    Happy Valentine's!