January 2, 2015


Hi! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We have been MIA for the last month as Megan is looking for a new job and Sydney is pregnant with her second child (it is a girl...the first granddaughter for our parents which is pretty exciting) but are gearing up for 2015 and certainly excited for this year. Here are some of our resolutions:

1. Blog Redesign (new name, new look, new contributors...same care, creativity and time put into each and every post)
2. Organization (always...)
3. #20"FIT"teen (it is all about fitness and feeling healthy not just for appearance-sake but more importantly to have energy and vigor for life)
4. New Job (for Megan...fingers crossed!)
5. Keep in Touch with Friends and Family using Methods other than Social Media (handwritten letters, thoughtful cards)
6. Spend Less (We are planning not to spend any money on ourselves for the next year...no clothes, makeup, household items -I am addicted to candles, accessories or shoes. This will not only be good as it will help me save money but we also feel, it will make us less materialistic which is always a good thing)


** Our friend created the hash tag for resolution #3 and we L-O-V-E ourselves a creative hash tag! Nice one, @scottyphill. Nice one.

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