October 7, 2014

our five fall essentials

fall outfit with five essentials
Hi! We hope the fall season is off to a great start. What have you been doing to celebrate? Perhaps making apple pie, going to pumpkin patches, enjoying seasonal beers and ciders. This is indeed our favorite season of the year. In addition to the seasonal activities above, here are five reasons why we love fall: 

1.) The air is cool and crisp (we are still waiting for this to happen in LA...it has been so hot!) 
2.) Pumpkin arrives at every store (Trader Joes has so many items to try from mini pumpkin scones to ginger pumpkin ice cream sandwiches). 
3.) Our favorite holiday occurs in fall - Halloween!
4.) It is Sydney's birthday this season (as well as our brother, sister and mom)!
....and last but not least....
5.) We love the fashion. Here are our five must-haves for fall:

the five fall essentials
Shopping Guide
T-Shirts: grey //white
Booties: black // brown
Nail Polish: plum // brown // grey // gold
Floppy Hats: burgundy // black

Before you leave to go on a shopping spree, check out the website Raise.com. On this site, you can buy gift cards for your favorite retail stores at a discounted price. The discount varies by store...with some being an 8% discount and others, as much as 32%. We are our father's daughters and as such, love a good discount! Amongst other gift cards, Raise.com features Target (where you can find the t-shirts from our list of fall essentials as well as the black booties), H&M (the black pants above have such a great zipper detail on the bottom), Nordstrom (the floppy hats come in a variety of colors and styles; they are such a great staple, albeit essential, for fall) and even the beauty.com website (on this site, you can the purchase Tokyo Milk perfumes and nail polishes in fall hues). They even have discounted gift cards for coffeehouses, restaurants, grocery stores and theatres! 

Raise.com also gives you an opportunity to sell your own unused gift cards. We love getting gift cards for the holidays and birthdays (** just a little hint from Sydney for her friends and our family...hi dad!) but sometimes, they are for restaurants/retailers that we are not interested in. This website is a safe place to change your unused/unwanted cards into cash (and other gift cards) that will be put into better use. 

Happy Fall! Happy Shopping!