July 21, 2014

Wedding Season: bachelorette gift guide and weekend activities

We love putting gift baskets together. It is so much fun to watch someone open up multiple little gifts all nicely arranged in a basket. Added bonus? The basket, itself, is a gift -a reusable bag or cute box works great as well. Below are some ideas as to what to get a bride for her bachelorette party (guests should note: since multiple items can become pricey, it is nice to give this gift to the bride jointly with a friend or two).
Once you have decided on the gifts and have wrapped each one...gifts
(Shopping Guide: Basket, Box, Reusable Bag)

Then you are ready to... 
The clever/cute notes can be written on cardstock and attached to each gift. Here are some ideas: 

Makeup bag: "to hold your makeup for date nights as a married couple" 
Earrings: "for a glam evening out"
Soap Trio and Perfume: "to freshen up for a date night"
Candle: "to relax and unwind after the first argument" 
Wine: "to sip and toast during your first dinner as a married couple"
Macarons: "to enjoy right now during your last night as a single girl"
Night Shorts: "to wear for a night in watching your favorite TV shows and enjoying popcorn"
Tangerine Lingerie: "for you"
Black Lingerie: "to spice things up"

For the card to accompany the gift basket, Shutterfly can help create a personalized card for the bride! Don't forget to take photos throughout the weekend to include in a photo album for the bride that can be given to her on her wedding day. Their albums preserve wonderful memories.

The variety of cards (to accompany the gift basket) from Shutterfly are here.
The variety of album themes from Shutterfly are here.
While a weekend in Vegas is fun, there are a lot of fun places in LA that make for a great weekend. Here are some of our ideas for a unique LA-themed weekend for the bride and her girls (note: it's a nice surprise if each girl gets a bag full of goodies that coincide with the activities planned for the weekend: trail mix for the hikes, water bottle, disposable camera to take pictures of the celebrities in Hollywood, a bottle of nail polish, a homemade body scrub).
Hollywood Bus Tour (see the star's homes!)
Hike at Griffith Park (enjoy a snack at Trails Cafe)
Facials and Nails at a Spa (we love Club Mud! Koreatown has a variety of spas as well)
Dessert at Bottega Louie (our favorite macaron's in Los Angeles; the beignet's are a real treat)
Movie at Los Feliz Cinemas (a vintage theatre in the heart of Los Feliz)
Stairwell hike in Franklin Hills (stroll across Shakespeare Bridge)
There are many opportunities to put together gift baskets during the wedding season: bachelorette, bridal shower, wedding day, honeymoon. Find our previous bridal gift guides here and here

What are your bachelorette plans? Have any of you celebrated in the LA/Hollywood area?


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