September 12, 2013

Product Review - Bare Escentuals

Product Review
I appreciate a simple makeup routine that does not take a lot of time to complete (I do have a two hour train/subway/bus commute to work so prefer snoozing for five more minutes more than anything else in the morning). That being said, I still want the end result (be it two minutes or twenty) to make me feel pretty and ready for the day ahead. I have not been in the market for makeup per say (I do love my Benefit to come!) but I do enjoy browsing the aisles at Sephora and similar brick and mortars. True to my nature, I found myself recently at the Bare Escentuals store at the Americana and ended up walking out with these three products. Here are my reviews:

Bare Minerals Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer
This is a great product for me because it has an SPF and a moisturizer. I have dry skin (having been on Accutane twice) and my skin appreciates the extra moisture. This product also has a subtle, sheer tint that provides a small degree of coverage. I gravitate towards products that make my skin smooth and even without feeling heavy and oily. While this product felt a little thick and oily on the hand, it felt light on my face. A small amount provided the necessary coverage in my trouble (not as smooth as I would like) areas - namely, chin and nose. This product goes all over the face paying particular attention to ensure it is blended in around the chin line. It can be rubbed into the skin with your fingers (light gently to your face) or a makeup sponge is okay as well (although makeup sponges tend to absorb a lot of product. 

Bare Minerals READY Touch Up Veil 
I have always liked the loose powder from bare Minerals (you know, the ones that comes in their "Get Started" kit) but always seem to make a mess on the bathroom counter and floor. That being said, I was excited to learn that they now have a pressed powder. This provides the same truly is magic how their powder can make the skin look so smooth and even ("fills in" the yucky pores) without leaving the person feel/look "cakey".

Jack Of All Trades Lip Balm 
This lip balm comes in six lovely shades. The employee at Bare Escentuals suggested this lip balm as it provides color but achieves what I want in makeup (I had told her that I don't wear a lot of makeup and prefer to look natural and fresh). I am constantly putting on chapstick so this product has been perfect because it is a fancy chapstick! The one above that I purchased is called "for keeps". It gives my lips a nice pop of red...and, drumroll, the color lasts! All of the shades are beautiful and good for different occasions (work, night out with the girls, date night etc.) so I will definitely be purchasing more!

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  1. great post, I have never try any of this products :)

    1. Thanks! I was very happy with the end result. The lip balm was my favorite.

      Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Great reviews! always loved the original Bare Minerals foundation but been meaning to try the pressed powder version