September 19, 2013

Farming Essentials

We love lists..."to do" lists, shopping lists, bucket lists. All lists. That being said, we decided to add posts about essentials which "lists" the essentials needed for an event, a lifestyle, a job etc. to our regular blog posts. Our first one was back-to-school essentials and today is all about the farmer...
As I live on, what I consider, a farm (two goats, chickens, ducks, dogs...and sheep on the way...I was born/reared in Los Angeles so this is quite the farm to me), I put together a list of farming essentials.
Megan was particularly excited about the overalls. She has always love them and think they should never be out of fashion. I love these head scarvess...they are cute and keep the hair out of my face as I feed/bathe the animals. I particularly love the options that are 50's/retro. 
And for the home... 
farming essentials
farming essentialsaprons via Country Living
p.s. this is the type of sheep we are planning to get...
sheep picture for blog


  1. love the overalls!


  2. What a cute post! This definitely reminds me of some stuff I could see in my family's house since I'm from South Carolina :) Those headbands are adorable. Just found your blog- so cute!

    Bespeckled With Freckles

  3. Look amazing! I love this style! I wont this things and clothes! The photos are magical!

    Katherine Unique