August 9, 2013

an aspiring mixologist

the bar cart!
In addition to the items above, some other essential items are whisky rocks, shot glasses (we love these animal ones that can rest on their ears/antlers), knives and peelers for fruit additions and garnishes and finally, a cute cutting board.

bar cart!

The vintage ice bucket makes us want to go thrift/vintage shopping in Palm Springs! We love the octopus cocktail stirrer and scrabble coasters - unique and useful. A water carafe is great to have to keep your guests hydrated when you host a cocktail party. The Wine Opener (Rabbit brand, in particular) is our favorite. It is so user-friendly! 
And last but not least,

the final touches...

We love the idea of a gold bar cart. And the final touches? A cute/appropriate poster, herbs, cocktail book and a candle. Now, we are ready for a weekend of cocktail crafting!

Sydney became a mom yesterday!! So, she will not be indulging in cocktail crafting just yet. Little Logan is the newest family member...welcome Logan!

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