July 29, 2013

Nail Polish & Nail Art

Painting nails have become a way to accessorize (variety of colors and designs) and joins bags and shoes as great ways to liven up an outfit. Below are nail polish colors for every activity in the day.
...for work (white accessories and a latte)
...for an afternoon of shopping (peach accessories and a sparkling water)
...for a night out with the girls (purple accessories and a martini)
accessories & shoes for every part of the day

And an ombre nailpolish look for a weekend workout (zumba, anyone?)

ombre nail polish

Below are some pictures from the recent Portland trip...we L-O-V-E Portland. Enjoy!
They eat seasonally in Oregon...even the fast food restaurant chain, Burgerville, serves season food (onion rings only when in season, blackberry shakes only when in season and so forth...their shakes were truly the best I have ever had).
Our sister participated in the Portland Bridge Swim - eleven miles! She rocks.
Delicious food and wine at Natural Selection - a prefixed four course meal with wine pairings. Awesome bar cart.
High bun...love it. I have been sporting this look forever as I played waterpolo in high school and it was the easiest go-to hairstyle post game. I called it the "wet knot" since my hair was always wet (morning and afternoon practices) and it was like a knot on the top of my head.

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