May 6, 2013

singin' in the rain

If I am able to stay at home, bundled underneath a blanket watching a movie, I love rain but otherwise..."I can't stand the rain" (not really, I just wanted to use another music lyric). Having been born and reared in Los Angeles, I find that I am never properly prepared for "stormy weather" (okay...okay...that will be the last song reference). So; upon making it to work, albeit cold and wet, I decided to put together a list of "rainy day essentials". 

1. Burberry Coat
2. Burberry Scarf
3. Hunter Boots
4. Black.Co.UK Beret
5. Saskia Diez Bag
6. Bodum Stainless Steel Mug
7. Debenhams Knee Length Socks
8.Uniqlo Gloves
9. Jean Paul Gaultier Umbrella

Stay warm and dry! 

1 comment:

  1. Nice selection :)
    Thanks for your visit !


    Coline ♡