April 26, 2013

friday favorites - ETSY edition!

Happy Friday! It has been a while since we have done a "friday favorites" post...so we decided to do one today. As Megan is redecorating the apartment with her her bf, she has been browsing ETSY a lot lately and finding a lot of great items for the home (and self...of course). We dedicate this one to the creative folks on ETSY.
Etsy Favorites!
1. Cute plant pots and bowls at Wind and Willow
2. Taxidermy at Cardboard Safari
3. Bath Products at Vice & Velvet
4. Bracelets by Oia Jules 
5. IPhone Cases at Treasure Chest (the little prince), Fantasy Case (watermelon) and NapPage (le mustache).
What are your favorite Etsy items/sellers? 

p.s. we googled the difference b/w awhile and a while as we kept going back and forth as to which one is appropriate for our post...very interesting!
p.p.s. Megan has been craving Taco Bell breakfast this entire week...cheesecake/cinnamon poppers and breakfast burritos. YUM! Seriously though...
p.p.p.s. (are three "p's" allowed?) Anyway, Sydney has been really into tapioca pudding! Anyone have a good recipe?

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