April 2, 2013


Art, like fashion, is a way to express one's thoughts, feelings, fears, joys...bringing such raw and honest beauty to the world. We cannot imagine a word without art. As John Updike once said, "what art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit."  

Just breathe...
by Rachael Pope (a personal friend & talented artist)
by Yulia Brodskaya (made from paper)

by Sher Christopher (made from paper)
Love Rachel Walker's works of art
by Rachel Walker

by Rachael Pope
by Yulia Brodskaya (made from paper)

Their links:

Hope you all are having a wonderful week...when life gets hectic and a little crazy, remember to just breathe. Art, fashion...and, of course wine helps too. Below is a fun outfit we would wear out to an art gallery/art showing.
an art show

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