January 6, 2013

friday favorites

friday favorites

I have tried many products throughout my life searching for the ones that make my skin feel vibrant and fresh. Having been on Accutane twice, my skin has endured a lot and it was important to find products that I could incorporate into my daily and weekly routine. In finding the products that make the "friday favorite" list, I now have skin that I am happy with and able to maintain without prescriptions.

1. "Love Lettuce" face mask from Lush (I use this once a week).

2. "Garnier Deep Wrinkle Day Cream (for everyday moisture, 30 SPF).
3. "Total Moisture" by Benefit (I put this on before I apply makeup).
4. "Let the Good Times Roll" face wash by Lush (smells amazing, exfoliates).
5. Garnier "Youthful Radiance Eye Roll-On" (I use this at night).
6. "Honey Moisture Mask" by Lather (I use this once a week).
7. Mistral "Vanilla Apricot" soap (exfoliates and smells amazing).

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