December 17, 2012

Gifts for the women in your life...

Gifts for Women

** The Frasier Fir candle can be purchased online but also in South Pasadena at a cute boutique called Marz. This boutique has a lot of wonderful gift ideas for the women in your life (mom, friends, sister) including mistral soap (my favorite is vanilla apricot), beakers (that can be used as mini vases), utensil stamped place mats and more!

** We LOVE the mini moments gift card booklet from Starbucks. There are five gift cards in the booklet each worth five dollars and each are labeled something cute like "good for one escape" and "good for one let's hang out together" and "good for one chat with an old friend".

** The handset for the iPhone can be purchased at a boutique in Eagle Rock called Letters from LA. This boutique has unique clothes and jewelry including necklaces that spell out the neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

** We love Benefit products! Bathina is a lovely, subtle scent that is put on after the shower. Other products we love from Benefit is the Dandelion (a brightening face powder), Oh La Lift (for puffiness around the eyes) and the BadGal (waterproof mascara in black and plum!).

** The journal (love the color), Matrushka measuring cups (love unique measuring cups that can spruce up any girl's kitchen), owl mug and bicycle cups can be purchased at Paper Source. There is one in Old Town Pasadena which is a district in the lovely city of Pasadena full of great stores, boutiques and restaurants (try the portobello mushroom fries from AKA Bistro...amazing!).

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